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Tense use in your introduction

Tense use throughout your academic essay can vary, and it is easy to become confused as to which tense fits well with an introduction. If you think of your introduction as the guide to your essay, things should start to look clearer. So, if your introduction needs to outline your argument, you should choose a tense that matches it. Most academic essay introductions should be written in future tense because, to put it simply, you are stating your intent, which will carry the essay forward. For example the following future tense phrases can be used ‘Herein I will discuss’, or ‘This essay will argue against’.
However, with all such rules there are variations. Sociological essays can use past tense, as they are looking at research that has already been performed. ‘The research has concluded that humans are social beings and herein will examine the reasons why.’ But as a general rule, if you stick to future tense use, your introduction will be clearer and easier to read.

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