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The importance of double-spacing in academic essays


Why do all universities require you to format your essay using double-spaced lines? During the marking process the examiner should make comments about all sorts of things: things that made sense, things that didn’t make much sense, things that they enjoyed reading, and things that they disagreed with. When it is printed, if a 4,000-word essay is single-spaced, there would not be much room for comments and/or suggestions from the examiner, in addition to the page being filled with twice as many words. Double spacing will make your piece of work easier to read; after all, presentation should not be an afterthought, it needs to be considered and tailored to your institution’s specifications. Our proofreading services automatically check for double-spacing, thus allowing you to focus on polishing those well-researched words.


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Writing a Dissertation Literature Review – Tips to Consider

Many students struggle to write their undergraduate or master’s dissertation as they are unclear on the concept of the literature review. As it’s not mandatory when writing essays at lower levels the chances are you might not have any knowledge of the literature review.This can make it appear intimidating when compiling one for the first time as an essential part of your dissertation writing.
Below is a short overview of this section of the dissertation and a few vital tips on getting it right.

Literature Review – An Overview
In essence it is a summary of the current literature in the specific field you are researching and where within that your master’s dissertation would fit.
It is not merely a list of different authors in various fields and their opinions but also gives an idea of the entire topic – how it currently stands, explaining various bodies of literature which offer multiple perspectives on the most important aspects and discussing how the general consensushas changed or is being challenged of late.

Major Aspects of a Master’s Dissertation Literature Review
Make your literature review as comprehensive as possible, discussing all the major authors and theorists in the specific field of your dissertation.
Mentioning each authorin isolationis not sufficient. Where possible you should relate them to one another and provide a comparative view of different authors.
It is better to use subheadings and bullet points in your dissertation to separate and clarify the various areas of theory and the views of each writer. These subheadings might become core areas of the subject you later talk about in your master’s dissertation.

Ideal Length of Literature Review
It is imperative to mention all the primary experts that are considered influential in your specific field and the major areas of criticism revolving around the subject of your dissertation. Nonetheless, you don’t need to add broader theory – try to limit it within the confines of direct relevance to your topic.

For instance, if you are writing on the impact of gadgets on childhood behaviour, include authors who support those thoughts and beliefs. Also include theorists who say that other factors are more influential.However it would be unwise to talk about the impact of gadgets on other areas of society.

Understanding how to write a good literature review is quite an important processin creating a successful master’s dissertation. The above stated guidelines will help you write the best piece and put you on track for the highest marks. Don’t forget to take advantage of dissertation proofreading services if you’re uncertain of your writing skills or knowledge on the topic of your dissertation.

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Things to Consider for Writing an Impressive Essay

Writing an essay for submission may often become daunting if you are not aware of the tactics, or haven’t written one before. Addressing the topic assigned, organizing it well, and finally concluding it with a summarized concluding paragraph requires a great deal of planning, knowledge and strategic approach to make it work.

Let’s have a look at what the approach should be, and the do’s and don’ts of essay writing



Do Spare Time: It’s always better to start early, ideally two weeks early, but ten days would also work. Try to start as early as possible to plan your writing phases beforehand, rather than writing and concluding the essay in a hurry.

Do Be Illustrative: Try to be more comprehensive and descriptive. This can be done by using active verbs and dynamic nouns. “The red car halted directly in front of me,” is nothing in comparison with, “The car squealed to a halt inches from my face”.

Do Take Breaks: Writing happens in fits and starts. If you think you are comfortable writing continuously, better you continue. If you’re held up with a nasty case of writer’s block, the best remedy is a brief break, nap, some exercise, your favourite movie, or anything else that unwinds you for a while.

Do Let Someone Review your Piece: Get someone i.e., a close friend, teacher, counselor, or professional, to go through your essay. This will give you valuable insight, as you may overlook problem areas that may require a new perspective to detect.



Don’t Exceed the Word Limit: Consider this as one of the standing rules. No reason can ever bypass the set rules of essay submission, and doing so will be reflected in poor scores.

Don’t Overuse Idioms: Too much use of clichés or idioms can spoil the very tempo and essence of the essay by halting the flow of piece. Keep it simple, easy flowing and easily understandable, without any need to constantly refer to a dictionary.

Don’t Blindly Rely on Spell Check: Automatic and inbuilt tools in programs like Microsoft Word are helpful, but they cannot be infallible. Better you proof it yourself in addition to running it through spell check. Double checking is always suggested for the finest product!

Don’t Completely Stress Out: Yes, this is vital. It takes a lot of work, but the world doesn’t end with your writing. You quite likely have many reasons to rejoice and be happy! Find the time to wind down and enjoy the things that are important in your life. This will also be reflected in your write ups.

Crafting a unique and commendable essay is not as difficult as it appears to be, but there are a few do’s and don’ts that need to be considered to make it impressive and informative. Proofreading is an imperative part of any written work and essay writing is no exception. Don’t forget to get it proofread professionally once you’re through!

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Proofreading Vs Editing Services – De Facto Difference

Often confused with editing, proofreading is altogether a different task that is done at a different time during the publication procedure. Although editing can be done at any stage of writing i.e. overall writing or submission activity, proofreading is always performed in the final stage of writing, immediately prior to publishing the piece to detect all of the errors and mistakes in any written literature, before it is finally submitted for printing.

Proofreading Vs Editing Services

Proofreading Vs Editing Services

Proofreading vs. Editing

Proofreading is mostly concerned with detecting and correcting errors, particularly those that can immensely impact the meaning or value of a final printed product. Keeping this in mind, it should be done last in the phases of tasks associated with publishing, in order to ensure that all last minute errors are removed and not overlooked. The most primary difference between proofreading and editing is that editing is mostly related to contextual and factual changes, whereas proofreading is mainly limited to grammar, style, spelling, and punctuation. A proofreader may send back a document to the editor with queries about the content, but the proofreader does not make any change without the confirmation from the editor.

Proofreading Services

While most word processing software adds elementary grammar and spell check tools, these are not replacements for a professional proofreading service. Spell check tools are often seen to create many false positives, making writers confused or annoyed. In addition, in advanced spell check or grammar tools, there are only minor differences between proofreading vs. editing, resulting in wasting time for the author in deciding which suggestions are accurate and which are just the outcome of misapplied rules within the software’s paradigms. The program may often overlook misused words; for instance, the use of the word “affect” instead of “effect” may go unnoticed and find place in the final published piece. Such errors are only identified by professional proofreaders, quickly and much more accurately than any software programs currently available.

Editing Services

Editing services can provide useful fact-check and style improvement suggestions, both during and after the initial draft is over, which can improve the quality and flow of the end result. Although few editing services also offer proofreading, they do not consider this step in the initial phases, since it is quite possible that additional errors will crop up at a later stage. It is more professional and easier to simply edit the work for publication prior to the proofreading process, rather than doing it throughout all stages of writing and editing. The major task of editors includes offering guidance on stylistic approaches, and factual items that can specifically affect the credibility and authenticity of the work.

The Value of Proofreading vs. Editing

Ultimately, both proofreading and editing are necessary steps in the writing and publishing process and both are imperative to generate a fine and coherent final piece of written work for print.

Professional proofreading and editing services can offer publishers the best of both worlds by gaining access to the services they need for ideal literature pieces, whilst ensuring the quality of the finished product for end users. Make it a point that you use professional proofreading services, if you plan to write essays or dissertations, this way you can have an error-free and quality end product, for sure!

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