We are the essay proofreading and dissertation proofreading experts

Proofread My Essay is the UK’s leading online proofreading and editing company. We proofread thousands of documents every year for a wide variety of customers and specialise in the academic proofreading of essays, theses, coursework, dissertations and all other academic documents. We also have vast experience proofreading and editing non-academic documents, including CVs, novels and manuscripts, alongside providing business proofreading and editing services to a variety of companies.

The quality of editing is key to our proofreading services. We maintain impeccably high standards through a rigorous document approval process. In addition, Proofread My Essay boasts unparalleled return times due to our bespoke document management process which allows us to offer unbeatable prices.

We understand that being too familiar with, or working too hard on a document can make it nearly impossible to catch mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Therefore it is important to allow an expert to help perfect your English, improve sentence structure and correct the flow of your work, without altering the fundamental concepts and ideas. Handing in work without having it proofread can unnecessarily cost precious marks and prevent you from effectively presenting your opinions concisely and eloquently.

Proofread My Essay offers tailored services for native English students and international (ESL) students, our prices reflect the level of editing required and time spent perfecting your work. Our professional team of proofreaders will perfect your spelling, grammar, punctuation, use of academic language, referencing style, consistency, tone, structure, and formatting (optional). Furthermore if you are dyslexic we will allocate your document to a proofreader that specialises in dyslexic proofreading, helping to remove all the frustrating mistakes that can be so difficult for dyslexic students to identify.

Once you have uploaded your work, your document will be securely allocated to a proofreader based on your subject matter, professionally and meticulously edited, approved by our expert admin team, and returned to you through your user area.

Proofread My Essay understands students and tight deadlines, therefore we remain open for submissions all year round, all hours of the day. You can upload your work at any time, and we guarantee that it will be returned to you within 24 hours (if the document is 10,000 words or less). If you need your work back even sooner you can now select our 12- hour Express Service during uploading; this guarantees that the same length document is returned in under 12 hours!

If you like the sound of our services, but want to see exactly how we will help perfect your work, submit a 500 word free sampletoday to see exactly how Proofread My Essay can support you in getting the grade you deserve.

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